Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Yesterday, I filmed more scenes for "Project Jyn." I did two emotional scenes that still have me sore and tired. I love doing this movie! I'm naturally shy in real life, but Jynx, my character, is the total opposite. The writers/producers were initially apprehensive of giving me the role because in their words, "I'm so nice." But I have left them and myself pleasantly surprised. Jynx is fierce and intimidating. I can't wait until we film again next month.


I also did another film called "The Longest Ride Ever." I play a very annoying Uber customer named Rasheeke. This was another fun character that is the opposite of me. Taking on projects like "The Longest Ride Ever" and "Project Jyn" allow me to come out of my shell if only for a little while. This film is still in production.