Sunday, February 21, 2016

Unfriendly Actress/Model and Mr. Messy

I’ve met so many talented, sweet people in this industry. However, I can remember two times I’ve run into not-so-nice actors.  I try to steer clear of bad energy, but sometimes it is unavoidable.  The first incident was during a film.  The actress was the lead, while I played the supporting role.  She introduced herself as soon as I walked in, but after that she was very unfriendly.  Doing our formal business meeting, I introduced myself as an actress.  When it was her turn, she emphasized that she was an actress and model

When it was the actual filming day, the energy was off which I despise. Walking into a hostile environment makes me feel stressed and off my game.  Though I enjoyed filming, another part of me couldn’t wait for it to wrap.  Against my better judgment, I friended everyone from the film including “Unfriendly Actress/Model” on Facebook.  After three years of her ignoring my statuses despite me liking hers, I unfriended her.  My news feed instantly felt more positive. 

The second time was when I was cast in a play.  I don’t know what this guy’s problem was, but “Mr. Messy” had it out for me the first time he laid eyes on me.  He also doubled as director and two times he tried to recast my part.  That’s right – he tried to get rid of me on two occasions.  If it wasn’t for the writer being in my corner and getting involved, I wouldn’t have been a part of the play.  I don’t know if he didn’t think I was up for the job, didn’t think I fit the role, or wanted one of his friends to be a part of the play.  I guess I’ll never know. 

To my surprise, things worked themselves out perfectly.  He ended up leaving the production.  The ordeal stressed me out so badly that my stomach would be in knots during our weekly rehearsals.  I would leave covered in sweat only able to let out a sigh of relief once I got in my car.  All that dysfunction, and he probably didn’t know or care that he put me through all of that. 

At least I haven’t had too many of those experiences. I have many more happy memories.  It really makes performing a breeze when everyone is working together and not being competitive. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Houston Acting Group

I enjoy getting together with these talented actors every month to do acting exercises and to film scenes/monologues.