Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I have had a very busy month

I did three auditions, which is good for being in the Southeast. I heard back from one of the auditions and was cast. It's too early to tell from the other two. I also had my first real rehearsal for "Hurt People Hurt People" this past weekend. It went well, and I received some good, encouraging feedback from the director. I did a fun photo shoot with a local photographer. I've been trying to get back into modeling. After having a bad experience on my last shoot, I was glad that this one was nice, gave directions, and excited to shoot. Lastly, I was an extra on the show "It's Supernatural." I am trying to cut down on background work and focus more on lead and principal roles. However, from time to time I will be an extra if the pay is nice.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I've been cast in a play

I received the news today that I've been cast in a play called "Hurt People Hurt People." I'm so excited, because I've had the desire to do another play for some time. I will be playing Joy, who everyone thinks is straight-laced, but she really has another side. I had second thoughts about even going to the audition. After deliberating with one of the producers, I decided to go and see what happened. I'm so glad I did. I auditioned, and the director asked me to stay for the table read. What was supposed to take only 30 minutes turned into four hours. I was happy, famished, and exhausted at the end. The cast is very nice and super talented. Can't wait to take the stage!