Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Don't expect everyone to be happy for you

Except for filming a local commercial and going out on several auditions, I’ve haven’t been doing that much acting-wise. Slow times like this, I remember all the amazing jobs I have booked so far and try to remain positive. And I’m thankful for the people who support me.

Supportive friends and family are vital. Encouraging words can stop you from having a pity party when things aren’t going your way. I had to get rid of a toxic, unsupportive boyfriend who seemed to be dismissive whenever I mentioned anything acting related. At times, he would get threatened and angry if I booked a paying job. The funny thing is as soon as we broke up, I started to book more work.
I’m telling you now, everyone won’t be happy for you. This includes family and friends. It hurts, but people you love might not want to see that You tube clip of your national TV commercial that’s currently playing. If I described family members, the best thing to do is not tell them. Keep it to yourself. If you have toxic friends or associates, cut them out of your life. Your career will thank you, and you will be much happier.